Welcome to the Official Pines Career Services Blog

I am Gary Jones, founder of The Pines Career Services (TPCS).   I am very excited to introduce our company and feature what you will find in our upcoming articles.



The job market is tough.   We have the tools to help you succeed.

The mission of TPCS is to provide the absolute best support and direction in the industry for job seekers.  We primarily assist job seekers with Resume Coaching and Interview Preparation in a “one on one” session typically over Skype; however, we can talk about a variety of other topics as well in your job search journey.

We fully understand extensive challenges job seekers face in this competitive job market.  The current application to hire ratio is 100 to 1.  Even though we are in a strong economy, hiring managers are expecting more from job seekers than ever.

Resume writing can be an especially overwhelming task which has changed dramatically especially in the past few years.

TPCS will help you overcome the odds.

TPCS Blog and Youtube Channel

The content is the TPCS blog is to help individuals with their resume writing and interview skills.  We will explore additional topics regarding the Career Services industry to benefit job seekers.   Please send suggestions or questions and I will address them in this blog.

pexels-photo success


In addition to our blog,  please check out our upcoming Youtube channel for weekly segments which cover resume writing, interviewing, and we’ll have a weekly book review on job seeking topics (I read a lot of books).

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For more information on booking a session including session prices,  please e-mail gary@thepinescareerservices.com for more details, and check out our website at thepinescareeerservices.com.

Good day!


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