Resume Tip O’ the Week (Video): Determine Resume Page Length With Common Sense

Happy Holidays everyone!

Please enjoy the following video.  Why?  Because, if you are like me you are constantly wondering to yourself, “How many pages should my resume be?”

Come to think of it, I’m probably the only one on earth who constantly wonders this.

To elaborate on the video, your resume will need to be more than one page if you have the following experience:

  • More than 5 years of work experience
  • Several jobs in the past years.
  • Working in a field where you have too many roles to contain on one page.

Use Common Sense When Determining Page Length:

One of the biggest mistakes one can make when writing your resume is attempting to shoehorn a wealth of great experience onto a 1 page resume.

The balance is fitting all the job headings along with relevant and focused information into the shortest amount of page length possible.   Most of my clients will typically arrive on a 2-3 resume as the best solution if they are in the 5-10 year point in their career.

Of course, it’s not a good idea to go overboard.   Many individuals who have over 10-15 years experience tend to want to add every aspect of their experience throughout their career.  The resume needs to be focused and clear to the reader.  It is very possible, if not required, to contain 15 years of experience within 4 pages.   In fact, some companies have an “unwritten” 4 page” rule for ALL resumes they review.

Enjoy the video everyone:


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